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Contact Information

SMIRA can be contacted by email to

Our registered office is:
St. Mary's Island Residents' Association
The Observatory, Brunel, Dock Road, Chatham Maritime ME4 4AF

We share an address with Chatham Maritime Trust

In order to keep you updated with major items of news and minutes from SMIRA meetings (which are a great source of information) you could join our email list. Please click here to enter your details.

Do you want to know who is responsible for your part of the Island? Click here for a map (August 2011). The map shows the various contact details for each area of the island. Very often a direct call from a resident can be more effective than contact from SMIRA! (please note this is a large PDF document and may take a few minutes to download depending on your connection speeds).

You can find the SECTOR MAP for St. Mary's Island here.

Do you have a problem with blockages/back-up of sewage? Click here.

Useful Contacts

PLANNING   The Planning Process

See our webpage on the Medway Council Planning Process for sheds, changes to property etc., or download the document here.

SECURITY   Ward Security monitor the Island's CCTV 24/7 and will also react out of hours if it’s a non-police issue, if you alert them. They can be contacted by telephoning 01634 890292 if you have any problems.

DOGS   Who to contact about incidents with dogs causing "fear, alarm or distress".

Is your dog barking too much? A leaflet from DEFRA designed to help you work with your neighbours to sort out any problems caused by your dog barking without having to involve the authorities.

Remember that on St. Mary's Island there is a dog run area on Finsborough Down where dogs can be let off their leads. Please use it and encourage your children who are taking the dog out to use it too. In all other areas on St. Mary's Island dogs must be kept on a lead (as part of the Island Regulations).

ROADS, PAVEMENTS & STREET LIGHTS   Currently adopted roads are:
Ring Road: Island Way East and Island Way West.

Countryside Sector 1: The Crescent, Foxtail Close, Haven Way, Marine View, Meadowsweet View, The Pintails, Pochard Close, Sandling Way, The Whimbrels and Woodrush Place.

Barratts Sector 5: Bradfords Close, Cheldoc Rise and Goldcrest Drive.
(see sector map).

Any issues regarding the roads and pavements but not the landscaping on adopted roads should contact David Dodd at Medway Council at: or mobile 07780 704199.

Any issues regarding the street lighting on adopted roads should be reported to Highway Issues on Tel 01634 333333 (Note the number on the lamp standard before reporting).

Unadopted roads are still under the control of Countryside Maritime Ltd.

MOAT HOUSING   Peter Whatmore (Moat Housing) is happy to answer queries and any concerns by phone to 0845 359 6235 or email to


  Should any resident experience any environmental problem they should report it direct to the Environment Agency hotline on 0800 807060  Copy to:


Carl is the new Estates Officer at Chatham Maritime Trust and will be providing on the ground monitoring, either patrolling in the vehicle or on foot and will be checking the open spaces, footpaths, playgrounds and safety equipment. He will also work closely with the security contractor, Ward Security, who will be responsible for monitoring the CCTV cameras 24/7 and will work closely with the PCSO. 

He can be contacted on 07787 292088


Grant Leathwhite, as the Residential Services Officer, is now dealing with all covenants matters across the Estate (e.g. processing re-mortgages, consents for sheds, conservatories etc.).

He has changed the way planning permissions are sought; previously planning applications were made to the Council before speaking to the Trust. Now Grant is offering an informal chat to residents or a visit to their house before they put in an application so that he can let them know if the proposal is something that the Trust would accept or not. This should save everybody time and money.

Grant's core hours are 7:00am to 4:00pm and he can be contacted on 07867 507187 or 01634 793942 during working hours.


Chris Harrison is our new Community Warden for River ward. Should you need to contact him he is available on 01634 333333 or 07984917654 and his email is .

Community Wardens are employed by the Council to work towards improving the quality of the local environment, through engagement, education and persuasion.  They deal with complaints relating to:  anti-social behaviour / abandoned vehicles / dog fouling / graffiti / skips - dangerous and illegal / scaffolding / stray and dangerous dogs / refuse put out early / carriageway obstructions / street cleansing issues and assisted collection referrals.  They are not a first response unit.  If you need urgent assistance and a crime is in progress you should always dial 999.  In a non-emergency situation, then call the police on 101.


  PCSO 56208 Angela Saunders

PCSO 56208 Angela Saunders is the new Police Community Support Officer for the Chatham Maritime Estate.

To report incidents ring 101 (non-emergency) or 999.

Contractor Parking   Do you have problems with Countryside contractors parking in your streets? If so please email Phil Barret, Senior Project Manager, Countryside Properties at with details of cars parked and he will take action.
Councillor Andrew Mackness

  Home Address: 4 Church Lane The Historic Dockyard Chatham Kent ME4 4LF

Home Phone: 01634 811636

Councillor Habib Tejan

  Tel: 07973 123614 or 01634 841108.


Twitter: @HabibTejan.

Maintenance Issues

Do you need to contact somebody about a maintenance issue? This can be a difficult exercise as there are many developers and public bodies associated with St Mary's Island and each one is responsible for different areas on the island (see the map).

Problems with back-up of foul sewage on SMI

SMIRA are pleased to tell you that the Foul Pumping Stations on St Mary’s Island have now been adopted by Southern Water. 

Residents experiencing any toilet "back-up" issues should now contact Southern Water directly either by calling: 0330 303 0368 or via their website

Although it may still be Willow Pumps on call-out, the problem must now be reported directly to Southern Water.

For your information the pumping stations are located on SMI as follows:

109095 – Island Way West; (by Sector 14)
Between Redshank Road and Partridge Drive

110630 – Station B Island Way West; (by Sectors 7/8)
Near Tappan Drive

110631 – Island Way East. (by Sector 4)
Near Goldcrest Bus stop 

Please advise us by email on if you have any problems with this arrangement.

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